01 November 2012

Kashmiri couple describes 70-year wait (Hope them got A Mabrur of Hajj aameen)

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SubhanAllah sooo nice andheart touching ♥ may Allah swt) accept their hadj and their good deeds ya rab!
Kashmiri couple describes 70-year wait

Muhammad and Saafya from Kashmir have had to wait for 70 years before performing Haj because they did not have enough money.

They spent the last 70 years of their life saving money for the journey of the lifetime. They are in their 90s now.

They put their savings inside a red box that had come to be known among their relatives and friends as the box of lifetime journey.

Saafiya said she and her husband did not have any children and they have lived alone.

When her husband Muhammad proposed to her and she agreed, he promised her 70 years ago that he would take her to Haj. The husband and his wife kept working to raise the money.

They both said they were ready to wait for another 70 years, if Allah prolonged their life, to raise the money to visit Makkah for another Haj.

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