17 November 2012


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"Saya memberitahu mereka bagi semua orang Mesir bahawa Mesir hari ini tidak sama macam Mesir semalam dan bahawa Arab hari ini adalah berbeza daripada orang-orang Arab semalam," katanya selepas solat mingguan Islam di masjid Kaherah.

"Kaherah tidak akan meninggalkan Gaza sendiri."
kami tentera tak takut mati..

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"I am telling the Zionist oppressors that if you insist on your aggressions, you will face the consequences of your mistakes, you and those who you think are protecting you... I am saying to Israel stop, or you will face the anger of Egyptians... Our souls are striving for the holy lands... Everyone must know that the will and abilities of Egypt could take out the roots of evil just like it took o
ut the roots of oppression... Read history and you would know that you will never become victorious... There will be no peace or prosperity with oppression, as the bloods of victims will be a curse on you and will move all nations against you... The Zionists shall not have power over the people of Gaza, and we are not going to leave Gaza alone." - President Mursi, Friday night.

IKRAM Mesir 2012
Source : Sheikh. Waleed Abdulhakeem

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