16 December 2012

4- Lebanese Mix Grill

sumber dari link fb ~Masak dari Hati Masak with Iman

Assalamualikum WTW.

This is The main Course for the Mix Grill and the Orange carrot Ice Bland

4- Lebanese Mix Grill


1. Lamb Shoulder cut in to cub 1 KG
2. Chicken Brest skinless Cut in to Cub 1 KG
3. Beef Tenderloin cut in to Cub 1 KG
4. Mince Lamb Shoulder with Onion and Garlic 1 KG
5. Salt To Taste
6. Black Pepers To Taste
7. Paprika 3 Tablespoon
8. Red Onion Cut in to wages 5 Number
9. Red Tomato Cut in to Wages 5 Numbers
10. Red , Green and Yellow Peppers Cut in to cub 1 Number Each
11. Lamb Fat 250 Grams
12. Chopped Parsley 1 Cup

5- Orange Carrot Ice Blended


1. Orange Carrot Juice Creaser Brand 500 ML
2. Castor Sugar 60 Grams or Suka Suka Hati
3. Ice Cubs 12 Numbers

Chef Ammar
Masak Dari Hati Masak with Iman.
Suka Suka Hati

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